Jessica Toscano (1990) is a mexican american filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California, founder & creative director at FRANKLYMYDEAR. (Currently) ︎︎︎ Writer, Director of
Alice short film (2020)
, Producer of
El Devenir short narrative (2021)
 (Previously) ︎︎︎ Director, Editor Una Carta Honesta documentary short (2019) Producer of Connected documentary series (2019), Director of Open Your Eyes/Abre Tus Ojos film commission (2018) (In Development) ︎︎︎ Writer, Director Yes, Of Course it Hurts tv series, Writer, La Niña y el Mar narrative short (Other Works) ︎︎︎
Luce Luce photo series (2019)
Oh, Honey Boy photo series (2019)
Los Angeles photo series (’08-’20)
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